Friday, August 28, 2009

First Day of School 09'

I told them to smile or we would stay their all day.
This is the Before pic to the last one.
Rocky insists on doing these weird rock and roll horns in every pic now
Another year of school is upon us. Regan is is Ms. Eller's 2nd grade class. Woody is in Mrs. Castillo's 4th grade class and we have unleashed Rocky into Mrs. LeBlanc's kindergarten class, may the force be with her. What wonderful kids I have they are so smart and so funny and so stinkin cute!! P.S. Tiger wouldn't pose for a "First Day of school pic" I guess he's getting too cool for us.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Pics

Regan and Daddy, AWWW
These are Regan's and Daddy's feet, I love this pic
Smith and Chambers cousins
A very candid shot of Mike's family, I love Roscoe in this pic
We took many takes and this was the best, it is such a fun pic
PJ and her daddy, what a great shot
Notice Rocky not listening yet again, classic
Me and my handsome hubby
My beautiful children, getting bigger everyday
Great shot of Mike and Amy and the kids
He tries to be serious, but we all know better.
Rocky just couldn't resist walking in the shot, I love it.
Harold and I in a rare moment together
I love this shot cause you can only see half of us and Rocky shoes have fallen off.

My little troublemakers in a cute little moment together
Michaela, Abby, Roscoe and Paula Jane

Harold found an old painted Coke advertisement in an alley, made for a great backdrop
These are some great family pics that we got when Mike and Amy were here with their fancy camera. We just went to an old part of Twin Falls downtown and found some cool backdrops and took some pics, it was so much fun and SO cheap! Thanks Mike and Amy, and thanks Amy for yet again another talent, photography!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Here is my before and after of my front door. I have always wanted a red door, and its RED!! It's the same door and it took alot of sanding painting and adding new wood and hardware, so worth it.

Hanging out with the Family

We have had a wonderful weekend so far with my brothers coming to visit and enjoying Pee-Wee and Jen's little Kaiyas big day (#1 Bday). Mike and his family and Ben and his boys came to stay and visit for a few days, what a treat it is to spend time with family and I am always amazed at how well we get along and how much I love them and their beautiful families. They came to my bootcamp class I taught, we all went Geocashing with the kids, and just had a great time.

This is the AWESOME cake that Pee-Wee's wife Jen made for Kaiyas big day, it was sooooooooo good!!!!!
Kaiya and Aunt Amy at her party

Kaiya and her dad, don't you just love her tutu
Me and Kaiya, I love when she makes this face!
I just love this pic, a row of Joe Cool's in their shades. Mike, Ben and the husband

This is Harold holding Mike's kite after it had been all rolled up
Tiger in a rare happy teenage moment
Regan playing in the water at Dierke's lake
All my bros came to my bootcamp class that I taught on Sat Morning at the YMCA, it was so much fun to have them all their.
Mike and Amy kids and mine (minus Tiger) out Geocashing at Rock Creek Park
This is Shoshone Falls from a different view

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bootcamp Mama

This is me and Gilly Funk, she is a little nicer than me, can you tell.

This is what you get when you come to class, I'll kick some behind.
This is my new best friend, my trusty timer for 1 minute of HE$@$ drills.

So I am officially a bootcamp instructor at the YMCA in Twin Falls. I taught my first class today and fell in love. I love it so much I keep forgetting I am getting paid (not much) but it's ok. I team taught, for my first time, with another first-timer, Gilly Funk. We didn't know eachother before, but we sure do now. So much fun and they were whining like babies.

Grandma Smith

As most of you know Grandma Smith has been in a nursing home for a while now, and when I get the chance I try to go and visit her, this is a pic from my last visit. I have truly enjoyed getting to know her, even if it has been later in both of our lives. What a sweet, interesting and fun lady (and remember 95 yr. old) she is.

Continental Breakfast

We went to Idaho Falls a couple weeks ago and helped Erin out with her garage sale, (the big boys went on a trip to Montana) Woody had decided he wanted a breakfast stand at the garage sale and called it a continental breakfast. He had a great time and has the right kind of personality, talking to everyone. After he paid back the money for his supplies he made about $15 dollars. Which he then tried to spend buying whatever was leftover at the garage sale. Aunt Erin gave him pretty sweet deals on what he wanted. (He was pretty sad that he couldn't get $20, he wanted to buy the TV at the garage sale, funny thing, WE BROUGHT IT) Ya gotta love Woody.

Who could resist anything from this face!!
I helped him make his sign, but he picked the price, and added the jokes line and the last line..........
Here's his "stand" what a great job he did, this was before we opened and he is NOT a morning person, but warmed up quickly and did a great job.